Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Love, One Heart, One Destination

One Love, One Heart, One Destination

This love is vivid, livid, urgent, patient, lusty.
Such affection: unquenchable thirst for your presence.
Your body is my shrine to love, faith and hope.
The tenuous fact of your reality intersecting me,
this feeds my soul.
I wish I could convey to you the experience of
finding Center.
If you could move from there
you would not be consumed with the unfounded fury
that is continually destroying your world.
You would rejoice in your ability to trust the
world within,
and to maintain perspective
while moving through the world of form-

-danger and safety..

Moving through the world which is
the playground where love and fear engage
in cavalier conflicts, know you are loved
For your every fear and worry, there is
Relief: Faith. For every moment wasted in the
flashfire of anger,
I will remain in you;
I will cultivate a fountain of patience
and serve you Devotion, drawn from
the Well of My Soul
cup by cup so you don't drown.
I pray that God/Essence somehow reveals to you
the meaning of all we are going through
to the extent that you may understand
that you are meant to learn from me, as well
as I am taught by you,
that when we have different opinions that
both can be true,
that you cannot dominate me, nor I control you;
we must dance a dance between equals
that honors both of our beings. .
Remember, I am Universal Mother,
and I have dwelt in the Presence of Jah.
Remember you are Divine Father,
And creation reveals itself to you in Mystery.
Explore the paradox of our connection from a
holy perspective; cultivate
communication and respect.
In this way, Sweet Love, we shall perfect.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Series of events, one evening, many moments in Time.

Some of you are familiar with time travel, others are not so much. The Now offers infinite possibilities. Chemistry and consciousness combine into a neurotheology of perception and metabolism, post ingestion. The process 
is cellular and intellectual restoration.

The scientist is an observer, a recorder of data, that which is directly perceived. And this perceiver, the scientist, 
creates the results of the experiment by looking. What a phenomenon! What an opportunity!

Enjoy. I enjoyed feeling it, and writing it. <3

The point of blooming begins when
it hurts to be closed up, trapped
by who you thought you were.
What's inside you must be birthed
it must be made real or we all suffer for it.
Who you are is so beautiful that
we simply must all bask in it.
When you get there its going to be a relief
to be fully unfurled and basking in the Sun.
The whole world will be Blessed when you bloom.
Thrive in all directions, continually referring to Center.

In Pure Consciousness there is
only pure Experience.
There is no place to which we become
When the Self learns to observe
and respond
instead of react
then suddenly lucidity emerges.

Spiral in, Spiral out
the pulse is defined thusly:
consciousness discovered itself
and One became the Other.
And the One moved over the face
of the waters
Self perceived Self and
created the Omniverse for self to inhabit.
It has not begun,
it will never end.
Its dancing right now
around the song in our hearts.
All potential exploding from Itself.
Birth and rebirth.
In this Life, I am continually reborn to
another and another Myself.
In Lak'ech.
Free Will is the Instrument of diversity
and Divinity.
Holiness recreates itself each moment.

In Divine Intelligence there is
Acceptance and Discretion.

In Pure Consciousness there is
No Damnation.

One Loves you enough to Allow you to Be.
The cost has has been paid.
You are free.
Are you grateful? Are you reverent
to the gift of the dawn?
The present, Now?
Do you bow down in your heart
by being the best that you can be
for the benefit of All Beings?

All Experience is the Evolving
Mind of the One.

When the Self begins to observe
and learns, you can
Live your Love.

There is just One, who


I am so grateful for your gifts,
Holy Father. Divine Lover of the Queen;
Holy Spirit
which breathes through all Experience.
I honor this Consciousness.
You uplift me with the rays
of the Sun and the nourishing Earth.
You delight me with the sensual joy
of food, and the initiation of Birth.
Please show me how to serve you
in a kind and gentle way.
Please be patient, and cultivate
that contemplative awareness within me
so I may walk clearly, in the way
of manifesting divinity,
to make it known to Every Body
that they are the Temple of Being.
I give you my life, repeatedly,
from the day I first saw the sun shine
on my tiny palms through the bedroom windows,
glowing yellow, from the the gauzy curtains,
as I realized what my hands could do,
and dedicated all their work to You.
To my barefoot Bodhisattva vows,
To the day of Pentecost,
to be willing to pay any cost if
it will reveal the Glory of Living in Love.
Please work through me.

Pure One of the forest, you sustain me.
May I exponentially know and reveal
the Knowledge of One Love,
for the benefit of All Beings,
please take my imperfect life and make it
yours, for the revelation of Beauty.
Take my imperfect Life and make it Pure
through my Immersion in the Flow
of what you command of me.
Release, through my words, my gaze,
my thoughts and my touch, my dance
my song, my questions, and my mind
the clarity of Now, Here, so All are One
in Consciousness.

Transform me into an ever-flowing font
of your grace, patience,
and Clear Serene Awareness.
Universal Intelligence
is the birthright of every Being.
Springing from the Center of Reality
is a continual flow of Well Being
in the form of Pure Potential
offered with the Blissful Supreme Love
of Total Acceptance.

Spirit of the World ,
please lend your grace to those
who are lost and
clearly, unmistakably, continually reveal
your Grace
for all to Know.
Show me how to share this
which I am so honored to receive.
Show me the way to serve
One Love.
So as to allow each being to bloom
in this New Garden,
anchored in the Wisdom
which is the Universal, given form. 

Awareness is the unbiased constant.
Free Will is the instrument
of Divinity's diversity.
Holiness recreates itself in each moment.
Joyful Experience,
Conscious Exploration;
These are the meaning, and
measure of Life.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Need to Belong

   In this time of Lives where we are all part of something, and yet so separate from one another, I wonder about why people feel the need to belong.  My first assessment is that its as simple as this: we are mammals, we prefer groups for safety and comfort.  Does our greatest growth come from a feeling of safety and comfort or from a raw edge of uncertainty, or trust in our foundations, or moving through the old experience into the new?  As we move past the point where we have been before, out of the realm of our comfort, we move into a space where there is no net of previous experience to catch us.  We have to grow, to move, to fly.

     There is something deeply purifying about isolation, or time in the desert, as some call it. You have to see yourself and be with yourself. When there is no other sound, you must listen to the voice of your heart.  You must be confronted by loneliness and keep pressing onward anyhow. You must have resilience. You have to wrestle with truth. Its vicious and luscious and it pushes you to the limit. Everybody, to the limit! How far will  you go in your pursuit of personal freedom, and creating a society of liberty? Are you aware that the first thing that must change is the level of access to clean water, food and health care provided to all citizens of this planet?  It is crucial.  When there is not clean water flowing in a place, that place is thirsty, and less able to participate in the global awakening within this dream. Along with that is the struggle for food.  When we are trying to create lasting change, but a huge portion of the world is going to bed hungry, what chance do we have to make progress?

     The awareness is there, and the tools are in place. How can we make more rapid progress towards these
goals, and become more conscious in our use of each moment and each day?  Though most of us would like to think that we are fine, and things could go on like this forever, that none of it can touch the bubble of the world we find ourselves in, its touching your life right now.  The ever increasing pressure of life, relationships, finances and culture itself is pressing daily. Our gas prices, our work hours, the place we live, all being forced into the forefront of our conscious minds by the need for change everywhere.  But, still, we feel the need to belong.  We find ourselves moving with the herd before we even realize it. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Its natural. And some are at the fringe and some are in the center. The liminal, the edge of perception, the lunatic fringe is inhabited by dreamers and scientists, explorers and pioneers.  And when that new place has been mapped, the new rules defined, the new territory delineated, it becomes the new standard as more and more people become comfortable with the new way of doing things. 

    People more comfortable with a conservative perspective  may want to scoff at the inherent presence of this "edgy" presence, but it is needed to give breadth to our experience. Otherwise we over-emphasize similarity and scorn innovation. That attitude is counter productive to our growth and to our increasng awareness.  If we only seek to know things like what we have already known, then we lack refreshment of our perspective, and end up going in circles of self-consumption instead of spirals of growth. Closed systems can thrive but they still require infusion from the outside, even if they have no output. They cannot maintain energy independently forever. 

     In fact, the truly closed system can never occur here. Everything is connected to everyone, and nobody touches nothin',  We cannot help but be entwined in a system where our perceptions and expectations collectively create reality as opposed to our independent perception seeing an independent thing called "reality".  To this point, science and spirituality have both come again and again. Sometimes they even collide here, in the arena of startling truths.  What we see is what we expect, what we know, and what we need.  This conversation between parts of ourselves, the collective awareness, and the rules which are imprinted in us form birth is our Conversation with God. It is our experience of Truth. The way we respond to the responsibility of this connectedness is emanated by our life.

    We tell one another what is ok while we are seeking so much more than what is, on the inside.  We need to belong. But what of the possibilities awakened when we all agree that we are Sons and Daughters of the Holy, OneLove, Pure Consciousness, I Am That I Am... what happens when we agree we are One With Jah?  That Peace is With Us? That the One Who is the All, the Compassionate and Merciful, the Severe One, the Judge, the Mind of All Creation is in Each of US? Can we understand that? Are you able to read the words without your internal censor reacting to my choice of words, or conversely, are you reacting to the fact
that our perception is responsible for our experience of this creation, and that I would dare to call that exalted.  I dare to say that every piece of this mess is redeemable, in light of this truth. Something essential for us all to remember, something essential: to begin to live with a real intensity.

    Science and Spirituality, much to the chagrin of both, collide as a infinite plane of possibilities, our past and future dictated by choice within a system much larger than all of us combined, yet smaller than a mustard seed. Who is it that explores these possibilities?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Every single step is precious

Living in a way that guides us to our greatest selves involves a great deal of walking boldly in to the unknown.  This ability to plan, rehearse, and then surrender to the flow is what makes a person able to adapt and succeed.  In this light, all situations can be seen as part of our training; part of what makes life a challenge as well as a gift.  As we become comfortable with being fully prepared and then moving through the situation under the direction of the Spirit, we are able to adapt to the needs of the moment. 

     So many of us have been training all our lives for this decisive moment in history. Now. 

     Adapting to the needs of the moment is the key of the Love philosophy.  By changing whats happening by participating more consciously, we can make definite changes in short periods of time. The first step is to bring together the different groups that are so often duplicating one another's work, or creating a small change in a place where it could be larger if it synergized.  We are responsible for working together at this point. We are responsible for cooperating to make tangible changes. And for those who are living highly responsible lives, what can be done about making a cultural change? Establishing institutions and systems that serve the well being of the whole, while nurturing those who manage the existence of these systems.  
     We can move from the martyr model to the mastery model by examining some core assumptions and moving past them.  Industry can be green, volunteering can be valuable, and barter can sustain a community when its balancing out wages and gifting. When we really value each other, and are interested in making definite improvements, we can transform our street corner and our neighborhood.  
     The web of 'hoods and teams and groups and churches links together to make the world we inhabit together. Small teams in cooperation can swiftly make significant improvements.  The models are in place and now its time to participate.  I hope you can touch the edge of this inspiration and breathe it into yourself. I am afire with the need to see things get better than what they are. This is my invitation for you to open your heart and your life to the power you hold in your two hands. Every step is precious, every hand holds the Key to our future.
The first breath of anything is a whisper of what it will become. But the moment of birth is pure, and powerful. Something immense and memorable that happens all the time. Like the moment you feel yourself start to laugh, or the breath where you know you can no longer hold back the tears, and its a relief.  If there is something to be said for saying something, then perhaps more would lift their voices to discuss something worth saying. But at least you and I can talk here with one another.
A dream asking questions about a dream within a dream. 
Who is it that would be reading this? Where are we headed from here?
Exploration of the mind body and the super-natural connection between those, and between all of creation. As a scientist and a poet, a healer and a dancer somehow I have gained some stories, and some are still waiting inside of me, like this
unfurling like the languid limbs of a fern. 
And oh so primal. Something we can all learn is the sound of our voice. 
It comes from the inside, out ward. It is meant to give thanks, and praise.
And when we choose to participate, in humility and kindness, with the world we are confronted with, we can raise our voices in a shared song. A song for all that is. We write the music with our lives, as we learn from one another, the dance grows more complex. If somehow we could invite everyone to the party, we could all have such a good time. 

But first they have to have clean water, and food, and the proper tools to learn and they must be healthy. So this is our real work; to speak and work a transformation into reality so that all beings are fed and that no one should thirst for the water of Life. By the conscious use of language is there a way to heal the wounds and build a bridge? By the application of enthusiasm into practical group action can we incite something beautiful? Reader, if two or more agree, in the name of Love, it can be done. So come with me and see what there could be ... check back with my blog again~! Peace be with you.